The Team Ready for Day 1 of Flight

The entire team before the first flight. Day 1 fliers include Roxanne, Carl and our NASA mentor, Dr. Leimkuhler.

We killed the Technical Readiness Review

Despite some hiccups in our apparatus, the Technical Readiness Review (TRR) went extremely well.

Sensirion Flow Sensors Arrived!

Sensirion donated two flow sensor kits to help monitor the changes in flow rate of the CSF media mockup.

Professional Development Outreach

As a part of the team's education outreach, we put on a professional development workshop for local teachers at Spalding Elementary School.

Proposal Officially Sent!

The team's inital months of hard work culminated in this final document which was submitted to NASA for review.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Astronaut" Training Camp - Girls STEM Day Camp

On Saturday May 3rd, 40 8-12 year old girls came to the Lookout room at the Boise State University Student Union Building for ”Astronaut “ Training Camp! They enjoyed a morning full of
science exploration and discovery.

The morning began with six activity stations that taught the girls a little about what astronauts do on Earth, to train for space and how an astronaut's body reacts to the change in gravity in their new environment.
"Vomit comet" and "Let's do the twist" station. This station taught the girls about balance and momentum, utilizing swivel chairs. 

 "Get a Grip" Station. At this station girls learned about the importance of jointed space gloves.

"Remaining Neutral" Station. At this station the girls learned how astronauts train in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and the importance of a properly weighted suit.
"O2-How Much?" Station. The girls learned the importance of healthy hearts and lungs and got to measure their lung capacity!
"Heart and Lungs" Station. The girls got to touch, feel, and hold pig hearts and lungs.

 "Bending Under the Pressure" Station. The girls considered the importance of a pressurized spacesuit with the demonstration of the vacuum chamber.

These activities were followed by "Toys in Space" stations to explore how different objects act in microgravity. Then the girls where given a challenge to design Astronaut Space Suits out of white trash bags and duct tape! The camp was concluded by their girls showing off their Space Suit designs in a fashion show for their parents. 

Thank you to all the girls for coming to our awesome STEM event!